Sri lanka

About Sri Lanka:

Located in the Indian Ocean, earlier known as Ceylon this tiny tear drop beautiful Island Nation in South Asia is separated by Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait. Comprising of several UNESCO heritage sites, wide variety of flora and fauna make holidaying in Srilanka even more incredible with your family. Sometimes this tiny island is also named by some different names like :”The Lost Paradise”, “The Land of Serendipity” and the “Pearl of Indian Ocean”. According to a Indian Epic Poem Ramayana, written in Sanskrit around 1000 of years of ago states how Rama with the help of army of Vanaras ,built a bridge of stones across the sea to lanka to rescue his wife Sita from Asura king Ravana. The Climate of Srilanka is tropical and warm which is an excellent Condition to house world’s largest biodiversities. We can reach Srilanka from India in 2 Hours 30 Minutes by Air. There is no time difference between Srilanka and India. Sri Lankan Rupee is their official unit of Currency. People usually speak in Sinhala,English and Tamil. The months from October –March serve as best months to visit Srilanka for families and friends.

Things to Explore:

Srilanka is majorly segregated into different cities as per the geography: Negombo, Kandy, NuwaraEliya, Bentota, Colombo, Galle , Sigiriya, Hikkaduwa, Ella, Induruwa and there are some more. All our beautiful cities having something new to attract the tourists, although all are not visited by all the tourists. Further giving a quick briefing on the major visited cities of Srilanka.

Kandy among all is the most famous and most visited destination. It is one of the most scenic destination lying midst of hills. It is the second largest city in the country. The reason behind being the most visited destination by tourist is because it is a home to the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha ,The Botanical Gardens, and it always has a special place when we talk about the festivities such as EsalaPerahara. Kandy is a must visit for any one who is visiting Srilanka as it is considered the most beautiful places and at the same time shows the cultural side of the city.

Bentota is again a destination which is for sure a part of every itinerary. It’s a small town situated on the coastal area of Srilanka situated 64km south of the Capital Colombo. Bentota is majorly famous for its breathtaking beauty and especially the Bentota Beach. It’s a place where you can calm yourself and your mind in the natural treat where there are no bars, no restaurants and you will relax yourself in the beauty of nature. While exploring the beauty of Bentota Beach we also came across Bentota River .Where you can enjoy a Boat Ride while witnessing some natural inhabitants of the river like crocodile, reptiles ,iguana and many more which is a eye catching view for an animal lover. Water sport lovers can do boating and surfing. It is a best place for people who want a quiet and relaxing holiday.

NuwaraEliya meaning “City of Plain” or “City of Light” it’s a town in the central of Srilanka. It is famous for producing Tea in the world. And also a Place for Mountain Lovers.The Tallest Mountain “Pidurutalagala” overseas this beautiful city. Tourist will find a variety of recreational Activities to witness in this beautiful city.It is famous for having 18-hole Golf Course in Asia, that is not all it is also having horse riding,boating,bird watching and hiking and few more things as well. NuwaraEliya has been the capital of Tea Industry. It is also a home to some of the beautiful Waterfalls like RambodsWaterfall,Devon Falls.

Sigiriya: It is 169 Km from Colombo. Also known as Lion’s Rock.The most significant feature of the rock would be the lion Staircase leading to palace Garden. The Mirror Wall is another attraction when the king walked alongside the wall he could see himself in the wall it was so polished and clear.Now the wall is partially covered with verses scribbled by visitors to the wall.

Colombo: The largest capital and Commercial capital of Srilanka is Colombo.It is a vibrant city with a micture of modern life ancient buildings and ruins. Colombo’s geography is a mixture of land and water. Beira Lake is located in the Heart of the City. Colombo is the most populated city is Srilanka.

Drink and Eat :

Srilanka is perhaps the original Spiceland.Eating in Srilanka is always a delight, you will find some fresh sea food from some ocean front or beach front resteraunt,eating some authentic road side rice and curry. Western and Asian cuisine are also found in some of the famous restaurants. Rice is a staple of Srilankan Cuisine and also a National dish.For Vegetarians Srilanka is a Blessing as most of the Natives have Vegetarian Food so meat free eating is easy and vegetables are plenty.
A hot climate means we need some refreshing drinks in our day of work. Locally brewed Lion Larger Beer is a crisp and refreshing brew that is widely sold.The licensed versions of international beers Carlsberg and Heinken are also available. Craft beet is available in Colombo but rare elsewhere.
For Party Lovers Hikkaduwa is a place where party easily never stops and drums will walk you through the dawn. It is a wonderful place for young party lovers. Vibration is the best music bar and a place to go on weekend night; it’s a heaven for all who love electronic music.
Srilanka never stops to amaze tourist with its beauty and culture. It is wide open to welcome couples, friends, families and also solo travelers. Don’t wait till it’s too late ,pack your bags and visit this incredibly beautiful destination and make some beautiful memories with our special package for Srilanka.

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