New Zealand

About New Zealand:

Located in the South-Western Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is located in the South of Australia. It is an Independent Country and not at all part of Australia, many people make that error of considering New Zealand as a part of Australia, it is its own country since the 19th Century. Earlier the country was considered a part of the United Kingdom. New Zealand is actually made up of small islands and the two main islands are North Island and South Island. Major tourists are attracted to this country is due to its rich biodiversity, one can find a variety of animals, plants, fungi all over the country. There are varieties of animals found which we cannot find anywhere else in the world, especially in terms of mammals and marine life. Majorly Europeans are settled in New Zealand, with a smaller number of people from the Pacific Islands and Asia. It is predominately an English Speaking Country, though English, Maori, and New Zealand are English Speaking. Talking about the religion, New Zealand is nominally Christian, with Roman Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian being the largest. Major population you will find clustered in North of the North Island. The main urban areas are Auckland. The warmest months are December, January, and February and coldest are June, July, and August. The official Unit of Currency is the New Zealand Dollar. We can reach New Zealand in 15 hours Flight Duration from India.

Things to Explore:

New Zealand is a dream destination for many also known as the Adventure Capital. From spellbound scenery to cosmopolitan cities, Adrenaline pumping adventure and jaw-dropping coastline. Below we will be sharing some must-visit places, and a must-visit if you are planning your next trip to New Zealand.

Bay of Islands: For the ones who want a leisurely time sailing on a boat or a cruise, this place is a haven for yachts and boats. Bay of Islands encircles 144 Islands between Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula. Board a cruise for a voyage of discovery and explore some penguins, dolphins, marlin, whales and much more. Explore ‘Hole in the Rock’ by sea or air from cape brett. The best time to visit New Zealand is from February to March.

Tongariro National Park: One of the mature National Park in the World and one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. It’s a land of natural beauty where nature has expressed itself to the fullest, add a visit to Lake Taupo, and experience a delightful day. Taranaki Falls and magma of Volcanic eruptions are not to be missed. December to February is considered the most favorable months to visit the place.

Rotorua: For adventure lovers, this is a place one should definitely go. Rotorua is a geothermal wonderland with bubbling mud pools, a cloud of steam, and natural hot springs perfect for bathing and relaxing. Don’t miss Lady Knox geyser, Champagne pool, and trout fishing. Geothermic wonders and magma are the major tourist attractions of this place. The best time to visit the place is from November to April.

Auckland :

The place is famous for its two famous harbors, Manukau Harbor &Waitemata Harbor considered to be 2 jewels. Black Sand and Golden Sand Beaches are famous among the most visited tourist attraction. The best time to visit the place is from June to September.

Queenstown: From bungee jumping to white water rafting, jet boating, rock climbing, paragliding hiking and many more this adventure Capital has to offer to an adventure lover. The list of rip-roaring sports is endless at this top tourist attraction in New Zealand. Explore Gold mining towns & landscapes of snow peaks of remarkable range. The best time to visit the place is from June to August.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves: Experience something unique in this naturally illuminated cave by thousands of glowworms. Worth a lifetime experience, and shouldn’t be missed in any case. Explore the cave, know about the history and the phenomena behind this by taking a boat ride. The best time to visit the cave is from November to April.

Piha: Explore a serene seaside village located to the West of Auckland, it is one of the best villages to visit in New Zealand. It is a black sand beach that will definitely hold your breath for a while with its beauty. For nature lovers there are beautiful mountains surrounding Piha Beach, explore the same with some nature walks. The best time to visit is from November and April.

White Island: To Experience, some thrill in your trip, make a trip to White Island and witness the most active volcano in the country. Take a helicopter ride and witness the beauty of the volcano.

Above mentioned are some of the major sightseeing which is a must-visit if visiting New Zealand, and there is much other sightseeing as well which will definitely give you an experience for a lifetime.

Drink and Eat :

Being an island nation, New Zealand will give you ample options if we talk about seafood and a variety of Fish. Meat has been the main preference over fish. Further, in the article, we will see some top dishes in New Zealand and some famous drinks.

Lamb: Having a large sheep population, enables every restaurant in New Zealand to have lamb in their menu, you will find lamb on almost every menu. For the ones who do not even like lamb, it is a must-try as most lambs are raised in New Zealand and will give you a rich taste.

New Zealand Venison: Deer are farmed in New Zealand. Vanson here is not like you must have tasted anywhere in the world, in New Zealand deer are raised in large pastures.

Giapo Hokey-Pokey Ice-cream: For the ice-cream lovers, trying hokey pokey is a must. Hokey-Pokey is a Vanilla Ice cream with bits of sponge toffee mixed in. Head to Giapo, an artisan ice-cream shop in Auckland to try some of the best homemade Hokey Pokey Icecream, here ice-cream is just an art, their ice-cream is coated in chocolate and bits of toffee.

Fergburger: Located in the heart of Queensland, this heavenly restaurant will serve you with some of the delicious burgers and Sandwiches in New Zealand. Try the original Fergburger made with New Zealand beef, and piled up with lettuce, tomato, and onion.

New Zealand Wine: New Zealand Wines are quite famous now for the past 30 to 40 years. And NZ is most famous for Sauvignon Blanc Wine. Take a wine tasting tour and have a relaxing experience.

L & P: This is strictly the New Zealand Product, and will not be found anywhere in the world until and unless there is an NZ specialty store.L&P stands for Lemon and Paeroa, traditionally it was prepared using lemon juice and carbonated water, and today it is manufactured by Coca-Cola.

New Zealand is a place for families, singles, and couples, visiting this paradise will definitely give you an experience and memories for a lifetime. Go through our range of packages to New Zealand and make a trip to remember.

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