About Singapore:

A cosmopolitan destination in South East Asia, Singapore is famous for its colonial History and Urban Landscape. It is a destination to relax and enjoy. Visitors visit from across the continents to enjoy, relax and explore the only island city of South East Asia. The Multicultural Population is also one of the reasons that people find it easy to travel to this beautiful country. Singapore is 2 hours and 30 Minutes ahead of India, with a warm and tropical climate all year-round. Flight Duration from India to Singapore is approximately around 5 Hours 50 minutes. Singapore Dollar (SGD) is the official unit of currency. The Current Population of Singapore is 58.70 Lakhs, it’s a multiracial and multicultural country with ethnic Chinese capturing around 76.2% of the citizen population, Malays capturing around 15.0%, and ethnic Indians covering 7.4% making up the majority of the Population. The Best time to visit Singapore is from February to April and December to January.

Things to Explore:

It is a place where couples, families, friends who are on the lookout for adventure, delicious food, and Culture. Tourists have a wide variety of tourist spots like Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Marina Bay, Jurong Bird Park among many others. Witness some of the wonderful and picturesque gardens, zoos, museums, water parks, and splendid temples. For honeymooners, it’s the best package with Beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and a colorful underwater world. With the Singapore Tour package, you will witness some of the splendid places which will leave you spellbound. Major Attractions to name some are Little India, Gardens by the Bay, Arab Street, Singapore Flyer and Botanical Garden. Even if we are on a relaxing and leisure holiday still we keep looking for some adventurous activities that wake up the adrenaline Junkie in us, so visiting Singapore is a package of all. We have itineraries for all ages. This diminutive-city-state offers a high-end shopping experience, vibrant neighborhoods waiting to be discovered. Packages to this diminutive city-state are very cost-effective and is a place for water sports lover offering a wide range of water sports such as water skiing, canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Drink and Eat :

Singapore’s amazingly diverse range of dining options will cater to food to food lovers from all walks of life. There is a cuisine for every taste and budget. From local street food to fine dining Singapore has a rich food culture for every taste and budget. This place is also featuring some of the world’s most exciting celebrity chef restaurants. Little India is a place where every Indian food lover will find their meal, as its name suggests it will serve you with your favorite Indian Meals in a foreign land. Singapore’s nightlife scene has bombarded into a dazzling world of music, drink, and entertainment which will cater to both party animals and those seeking a lighter night out. Dance to the beats of some famous DJ’S, or laugh out your lungs at some famous comedy clubs, enjoy your evening with some famous live band. In all visiting Singapore is a full package of fun, entertainment, adventure, and leisure.

Explore Singapore through our packages for all age groups and make your trip memorable with the package and itineraries of your choice.

Singapore Short Trip

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Singapore Highlights

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Singapore for Kids

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