About Europe:

The most visited continent, with thriving tourism nearly 500 million people visit the continent every year. European Tourism will offer you all, from a deep-rooted culture which stands strong till now, to some breathtakingly beautiful places, some fine culinary lip-smacking experience, and many more things, Visiting any place in Europe will never disappoint anyone Tourist attraction will majorly consist of some of the best history, culture, art, architecture giving you an insight into the rich evolution of the continent. The best time to explore this place is from June to September when the sun is high, the beaches are sunny, and the temperature is warm. An ideal time for hiking and adventure lovers as well. For the ones who wish to see the Northern Lights and are on top of their bucket list, they should head to Europe in winters. Home to multiple languages, every place has its own language but the most spoken around the continent are German, Spanish, French, Latin, and English. Euro is the official unit of Currency. 8 hours is the flight duration from India to Europe. There are 44 Countries in Europe, among them 28 are part of the European Union. Europe is divided into 4 major regions: Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern. The countries of Southern Europe are Albania, Andorra, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, the Republic of Macedonia, MaltaPortugal and, many more. Northern Europe Countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Western Europe Consist of 9 Countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherland, and Switzerland.There are 10 eastern Europe Countries :namely:Belarus,Bulgaria,Czechia,Hungary,Poland,Moldova,Romania,Russia,Slovakia and Ukraine.

Things to Explore:

There are a million things to explore if we talk about visiting Europe. There are many activities, which will help you know Europe better, and extend yourself beyond your limits. Watch the Dolphins in Madeira, learn how to make chocolate with a master chocolatier in Brussels, or feel the beauty with Northern Lights in Iceland. The most popular travel destination which every traveler has while visiting Europe is France, famous for gastronomy, culture, and Fashion. The Alps are frequented by some 120 million visitors every year for mountaineering, skiing, and many other activities. For Beach lovers, Eastern Mediterranean Region is bliss. Cherish the sunny weather along the Mediterranian Coast from Naples in Italy to Mykonos in Greece. Scandinavian Region is famous for spectacular scenery and lakes, from volcanoes, waterfalls. All Europe will have everything for everyone, and will never disappoint. Further, we will check some must-visit places if you are planning your next trip to Europe. Some of the well-known destinations among all in Europe are the Acropolis of Athens, Eiffel Tower, Grand Canal, Buckingham Palace, Colosseum, and Sagrada Familia. For the ones who love history and Art, Amsterdam is the place. London is also well known and among the most visited cities. For the ones who are looking out for some romantic getaway, you should explore Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, and many more cities, which will make your honeymoon worth remembering with your loved ones. Explore the magnificent architecture in Prague, and visit Paris as no romantic getaway can be fully complete without visiting this city of love. Visit the most loved city Florence, Italy the city of Love, have some melting gelato and let the Tuscan sun add some romance to your excursion. Copenhagen, Santorini, Zurich are some other must-visit destinations.

Indulge in some shopping on the streets of Lisbon, for savvy shoppers Manchester and Bristol are the places.

Drink and Eat :

European food cannot be defined in one line or one sentence, as its wide culture, a melange of cuisines European food varies from country to country, but still, there are some commonalities that run across the breadth of the continent. Meat is found in much more prominence in European Cuisine. From the classic french steak to JamonIberico in Spain, European food has meat aplenty. For vegetarians, there are plenty of options available in Europe. Vegetables are well seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs or served with a sauce for flavor. Potato dishes are also very common majorly accompanied by the main course.

Talking about the drinks, wine is an important component majorly served in every restaurant. Europian countries like Spain, France, and Italy are major Wine producing areas. To experience the wide variety one must visit the winery for wine tasting, where you can taste the number of wines. Budget-friendly places to high-end dining, Europe can offer anything within your budget. Street Food has its own taste, rather than sitting in a restaurant. Naming some of the best and must-try street food while visiting Europe :

Trdelnik-Czech Republic: Also referred to as Chimney Cakes, the dough is grilled over an open fire, dusted with cinnamon, sugar or nuts and then can be filled by either whipped cream or Nutella.

Belgian Waffle – Belgium: Crunchy on the outside, warm and soft from the inside these oblong-shaped waffles come with some sort of sweet toppings like whipped cream, Nutella.

Gogoasa – Romania: The small donut shops line the streets of Bucharest, these are puffs of dough either plain or filled with Jam.

Gelato-Italy: An Italian version of Ice cream is gelato but it’s denser and healthier.

Crepe-France: These are paper-thin pancakes, fillings vary from sugar and jam to ham and cheese.

Churros- Spain: Fried Dough sprinkled with sugar is famous across Europe, but have originated from Spain where the doughnut-like sticks are dipped in chocolate.

Above are some of the places and their must-try food, there are plenty of other options throughout Europe.

With such bounty offerings, one should start planning a trip to Europe to experience the vibrant culture and beautiful scenic beauties. Go through our wide range of packages to Europe and make a memory with us.

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