Hong Kong

About Hong Kong:

One of the Most Prominent tourist destination in South East Asia, Hongkong offers a rich mixture of Culture and tradition wrapped up in their great hospitality. Being one of the most visited tourist destination Hong Kong has a ordered series of hotels with rich hospitality. The most prominent question each one of us have before we visit a destination is where to stay, all the hotels are positioned in close proximity to all the tourist spots where the tourists can explore the city and its beauty with ease. Hongkong has a subtropical Climate and is mild all the year round. We can reach Hongkong from India in 6 Hours and 25 Minutes. Hongkong is 2 Hours and 30 minutes ahead of India. And their official unit of currency is Hongkong Dollar.

Things to Explore:

Hongkong is famous for its skyline, mesmerizing theme parks and museums. It is a home for some of the most famous attractions which is the reason people across world go for Hongkong and Macau Tours. Hongkong is lying on the south coast of China it is a famous destinations visited by both Honeymooners and families. It is mixture of ultra-modern skyscrapers and a true delight for nature lovers and shopaholics. Another add-on which ads on to its beauty and the most visited destination among couples and families is its year round pleasant weather. For honeymooners it is ideal to visit in the winter season where the mercury level remains between 15 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius.

Talking about when a family visits the destination, attractions like underwater restaurants, theme parks, museums and many other things makes it happening for kids where they can have a great experience. To gain insight of the culture side of the city, families can visit the famous Po Lin Monastery, Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery, Lantau Island Tour, St.Paul Ruins and Lantau Peak. Hong Kong is also a wonderful place for people who love nightlife they can enjoy the same at Tsimshatsui neighborhood and visit Victoria peak in the evening.

Drink and Eat :

From eating Seafood at a waterfront fish market to sharing a bowl of feast with friends, the best way in which we can get into the true food culture is by trying the unique food experiences. Naming some like Dai Pai Dong which Specializes in open air food stalls serving stir fries and front row view of the city’s street life. Then there are food trucks which are there to full your tummy while you are exploring Hongkong. For some Luxury and fine dining people there are some elite restaurants. Walled Village Food will serve you with some ancient and hearty food of Hongkong’s inhabitants. So these are all different categories and cuisines which Hongkong will offer once you are there.

Vegetarians as well have plenty of choices with superb Buddhist fare served at temples, there are many international and Chinese restaurants offering vegetarians dishes and menus with delicious choices for Indians. Nightlife is again welcoming for a party animal or a Quiet evening, it has everything in the same area from handcrafted drinks to stunning views hong kong’s nightlife has something for everyone. Overall Hongkong is a great place for all families, couples, kids, and a solo traveler as well. Take delight in some of the world-class travel facilities while you pay the slightest amount. So go ahead and book your future journey with us.

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