About Kashmir:

Located in the North-Western region of India, Kashmir valley attracting Tourists from all around the world. The presence of the beautiful Dal Lake and the Mughal Gardens emphasize the Kashmir Tourism. The lifestyle of the natives is majorly influenced by dance, music, literature, food and the festivals they celebrate. People from every culture in inhabited in this place. Blessed with snow-covered mountains, crystal clear waters, serene views, pine forests this place will detach you from the rest of the world. Urdu is the state’s official language and the major population is Islam. Climate is warm and temperate. We can reach Kashmir by Air, by road, by buses or by bikes.

Things to explore:

Shikara Ride in Dal Lake: Shikara is referred to the wooden houseboats that dot the lakes of Kashmir. Dal Lake and Nagin are two famous lakes where one can enjoy the soothing Shikara Ride. Enjoy the beauty of the snow-capped mountains, get clicked wearing the traditional attire of Kashmiris. Visit the floating garden of Dal Lake and Nehru Park in your Shikara.  

Gondola Rides at Gulmarg: The gondola is referred to the official Cable car of Kashmir. Also the world’s second-highest operational cable car. Have a bird’s eye view of the Gulmarg valley covered with white sheets of snow, lush green vegetation.

Stay in House Boat: Experience some offbeat activities, staying in Hotel while traveling is quite frequent now, while in Kashmir keep a night to stay in their famous houseboats. Enjoy the chilled Kashmir in the houseboat. It will give you an experience of moonlight in the snow-capped mountains and stars lighting up the water bodies.

Trip to Shalimar Bagh: Witness the real Shalimar Bagh of India, built by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir in the year 1916 AD for his beloved wife Noor Jahan. On the right, it is connected to Dal Lake. And in total it has 410 Fountains with a lush green carpet of green grass. On the backdrop, Himalayas is adding to its beauty. A must visit when visiting Kashmir.

Experience Adventure:

To the ones with High adrenaline, Kashmir is offering you some of the best camping, water sports, and trekking activities. Try mountain biking on the gentle slopes of Kashmir. Glide high in the sky and enjoy the panoramic views of the snow-covered mountains and lush green valley. Pangong Lake is another beautiful camping site where you can spend your night under the naked sky. Sonamarg, Gulmarg, and Harwan are famous sites to enjoy paragliding. Indus and Zanskarriver offers you some rafting adventures

Shopping at Leh:

And the best part for all the trips shopping is an all-time favorite for all. Pick up a large variety of Kashmiri dry fruits, Pashmina Shawls, Jewellery, Carpets from the streets of Kashmir.
Above mentioned are some of the attractions and things you can cover, the list is huge and you can explore a much in this beautiful city.

Eat and Drink:

Planning to visit Kashmir and trying some delicious food cuisine is a must. There is some finger-licking delicious food you which is a must-try when you visit Kashmir. Listing some as under:

For Non-vegetarians below are some of the best delicacies to try:

Rogan Josh: A staple which you will find on every Kashmiri’s dinner plate, introduced by Mughals it’s an iconic lamb curry. Kashmiri red chilies play a major role in the taste behind this dish adding a dramatic taste. The yogurt which is used balances the spices used in the dish.

Gushtaba: A traditional delicacy, Gushtaba minced mutton cooked in flavorful spices and yogurt. The dishes cooked on Royal occasions and will give you a royal taste as well as urging to have more.

Chicken Pulao : Cooked almost everywhere in India, but Kashmiri Pulao stand alone. The credit goes to the spices used and the chicken chunks which makes it aromatic and wants you to have more.

For Vegetarians also Kashmir has some delicious food as under:

Dum Aloo: Kashmiri food is not only about meat and lamb, but they also have something delicious to offer to vegetarians as well. Simple potatoes are fried golden and mixed in yogurt. With the help of Fennel, ginger and Kashmiri Chillies we get a spicy curry.

Lyodur Tschaman: Originates from Kashmiri Pandits and is a staple. A must try finger-licking cottage cheese prepared in a creamy base of spices and yogurt. Turmeric plays a key role in this dish which imparts yellow color.

Kashmiri Saag: An essential part of winter cuisine and easiest to cook, spinach is cooked in mustard oil and seasoned with red chilies and garlic.

For persons with a sweet tooth, Kashmir will not disappoint you:

MithaBhat: The dish is served after the hot meat dishes. A delectable pulao with pineapples, walnuts, cashews, almonds are added to aromatic Kashmiri rice to get a soft sweet dish.

Apple and Raw Mango Chutney: The dish does not take more than 5 minutes to prepare, crushed apples and raw mangoes are garnished with cardamom, yogurt, nuts and a pinch of saffron for a good taste. Served as a side dish.

Last but not the least have a sip of some local beverages in Kashmir:

Noon Chai: A traditional salt tea, common in Ladakh, Kashmir, and Himachal. Components of the tea include Milk, back tea, salt, and bicarbonate soda. Accompanied by a baked bread during breakfast.

Kahwah : Prepared with Almonds, walnuts, spices, and saffron. In today’s time there are more than 20 new ways to prepare Kahwah, so every time you have a cup it might taste different.

Kashmir is undoubtedly a Heaven on Earth and is a must-visit. Go through our package ranges for Kashmir and plan this summer to visit this heaven.


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